What happens if I don't pay for my penalty fare?

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The short answer is, you can be prosecuted for failing to pay your penalty fare.

Anyone who fails to pay for their outstanding penalty fare may be issued a Single Justice Procedure Notice (SJP). It's very important that you pay for your penalty fare notice in the time stipulated on your penalty fare notice to avoid any additional costs. To make a payment for your penalty fare, please visit https://nottinghamcity.smartcitizen.net/net/penaltyfares

Cases left unpaid and unappealed are submitted to Nottingham Magistrates Court.

If your case has been unpaid and unappealed, you will receive a letter (SJP) explaining that we have submitted your case and details to Nottingham Magistrates Court. You will have a number of forms to fill in and sign which also includes your plea. You can plead guilty and accept the court costs and fines or request your case to be heard in person at Nottingham Magistrates court if pleading 'not guilty'.

If you fail to respond to the SJP that is issued to you, your case may be heard without you and you may be found guilty and sentenced in your absence.

If you have been issued an SJP notice, you may request to settle your case out of court. If you wish to settle out of court, you must email info@thetram.net and include the following information in your email:

Subject: Out-of-court settlement (*penalty fare number*)

Email Content: I would like to request to settle my case out-of-court. I was issued a single justice procedure notice on (*date of letter*) and I wish to make the out-of-court payment of £95 on or before (*date you can make the payment - Must be within 21 days of your SJP notice letter date*)

*Please note, your case will not be withdrawn from the courts until the out-of-court payment of £95 is made. Failing to make the full payment of £95 within the 21-day notice period will result in your case being heard at Nottingham Magistrates Court where you may receive additional charges against you

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