cant use notes to pay in the wet

Posted 6 months ago by Boyd Morrison

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Boyd Morrison

what are our consumer rights if your equipment wont accept  payments when its raining . several times i've tried to pay in the rain with notes and the machine just rejects the money

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Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor posted 6 months ago Admin

Hi Boyd

Thank you for your question.

I'm sorry to hear you've previously had issues with getting a ticket at the machine in bad weather.

I've not come across this issue myself, but I'll certainly keep my eye on any reports of this happening.

In any case, you are not permitted to board the tram without a ticket. Please ensure you are using the correct notes. The ticket machines will not accept £20 notes for any transaction under £10 and in these circumstances, the machine will reject the money.

If your note has become wet, or the machine is rejecting it, but you're using a £5 or £10 note, then I would advise you to use another ticket machine, either on the same platform or the one on the opposite side.

If you're having difficulty, please use the customer help point on the platform and a member of the customer relations team will be able to advise you from there. You're not permitted to board without a valid ticket or without prior permission from NET staff to board without a ticket and failing to show a valid ticket may result in you being issued with a penalty fare notice. If in any doubt, always use the help point and we can assist you.

Remember also, our green card readers at the end of the platform are part of Nottingham contactless. If you tap a contactless card or device, it will pay for a single adult journey. You don't need to tap off, only on. If you tap for your return journey, you'll be charged the same amount as an all-day adult ticket.

I hope that helps with your query but please let me know if you have any more questions.

Luke Taylor

Customer Experience Manager

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