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Posted 12 months ago by Tom

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(Apologies if this is a duplicate. I pressed save but it didn't seem to post)

I've seen that a lot of cars go through tram-only areas, such as going through the roundabout at NG2 and over the bridge near Gregory Street, often causing disruptions.

I was wondering if NET had considered installing (possibly fake) grass in these areas. I have seen it done in other places such as Manchester and Birmingham, and I think it would massively deter people from thinking these areas are roads. It would make the areas look nicer too!

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Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor posted 12 months ago Admin

Hi there Tom. Great to hear from you again.

That's a great suggestion and one that I'll certainly share with the rest of the management team here at NET.

It certainly is an issue, and although we have done everything we can in regards to signage and warnings, people are still driving onto these areas.

Just look at this for example....

Even with all these signs, people still make mistakes.

The main cause of the issue is careless driving, lack of attention, following the tram without concentrating on the road and often these days, people blindly follow satellite navigation which can sometimes be wrong.

Thankfully it isn't too often, but we'll consider any suggestion that helps to put an end to this, which causes severe disruption and inconvenience for our customers.

Thank you form your suggestion. If in the future you do see grass on these areas, it's likely due to the suggestion being put forward.

If you have any more, or you wish to open any other tram related discussion forums on this platform, please do and we'll always be here to discuss anything about our trams or network.

Luke Taylor

Customer Experience Manager for Nottingham Trams

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