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Posted over 1 year ago by Tom

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There used to be live tram times (that is, not the timetabled ones) in apps like Google maps and Citymapper. This was really useful as it meant less time spent waiting for trams in the cold! I was wondering if there were any plans to re-introduce this?

- Tom

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Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor posted 2 months ago Admin

Hi Zack. We have a full tram timetable and you can find it here: NET Timetable

Just so you're aware, we're currently working on some support articles for each and every tram stop. You'll have access to information on a particular tram stop which will include detailed information and all tram timings scheduled for that stop. Keep your eye out for further updates to NET Support

I hope that helps

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zack smith posted 2 months ago

Make a complete timetable for a tram so we should be aware of its live timings so we don't have to worry about it.

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Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor posted over 1 year ago Admin

Hi Tom. Thanks for the message. I'm unaware that we used to have live tram times on Google maps. This may have been before my time. Perhaps this was prior to our extension? I certainly haven't seen live tram times in my time with Nottingham Trams. (5 years of service this year!)

We don't currently have any plans to re-introduce this, but we are working on improving how we communicate delays and missing services to our customers. Live tram times would be ideal, but it's my understanding that it's a very complicated process and it would be difficult to track live tram times when something goes wrong on the system and our trams have to use turnbacks.

We have already worked on communicating disruption with customers. You may want to read some of our support articles. You can view more information about how we manage disruptions here:

We also have new maps for the NCT bus links across the system:

I hope this answers your question, Tom

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