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Posted over 1 year ago by Alfie Porter

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Alfie Porter

In the morning, trams are awful. People are literally fighting to get on and yet there’s still people left behind that have to wait for the next tram. If someone in a wheelchair needed to get in, there would be 0 chance. People pay hundreds a year for this! it’s awful 

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Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor posted over 1 year ago Admin

Hi Alfie.

I understand your frustrations. Our trams can be extremely busy during peak services.

During our peak times, we have a total of 32 trams out on the network. This is the maximum number of trams we can have on the system at any one time. If we had spare trams in the depot during peak services, we are unable to send any more out as the power wouldn't be able to cope with any more than 32 trams on the network.

Of course, sometimes things go wrong and we are unable to meet our requirement of 32 trams during peak service, and this may be the reason you have seen trams that are extremely busy. I can only apologise if you've had an uncomfortable experience with busy trams, but please be assured our teams are working hard to ensure we have all the trams on the network at all times and especially during our busy periods when customers are trying to get to work or get home.

I hope that explains why we can't have any more trams out when it's very busy.


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